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Tuesday, 25 June 2013 23:19

Russia To Ban Adoption For Foreign Same-Sex Couples

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The things continue to worsen in Russia where, after the adoption of the "gay propaganda" law on a federal level, the Parliament came and approved, by a 443-0 vote, a law which will prevent foreign same-sex couples and single foreign nationals to adopt Russian children if they live in a country which legalized marriage equality.


The law is not yet completely passed since there remains the vote of the upper House and the signature of President Poutin but according to The BBC, that is considered a formality.


"We respect our partners but ask them to respect Russia's cultural traditions and ethical, legal and moral standards," Poutin said.


The BBC also reports the amendments to Russia's family code say those banned from adoption would include "persons in a marriage union between people of the same sex registered in a state where such a union is allowed, as well as citizens of such states that are not married".


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