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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 00:30

Russia To Vote On Nationwide LGBT 'Propaganda' Bill

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It is this month-here that the bill to prohibit all gay, bisexual and transgender "propaganda" in Russia will be voted.

Since months, religious leaders push the bill. They want it becomes a nationwide law. Currently, only some Russian areas and St Petersburg adopted such a measure.

If it passed, any person promoting the LGBTQ community, all gatherings like Gay Prides or different demonstrations but also a simple kiss in the street, as reports Associated Press, will be sentenced of a fine being able to go up to $16.000.

Since the beginning of this law, many LGBTQ activists were arrested to have organized demonstrations.

We can then wonder what it could happen at the European level because I point out that the European Union requires to its members to respect the rights of their citizens including LGBTQ people.

It is possible that LGBT Russian activists asked the European Court to study the case but I'm pretty sure it won't stop the law to be adopted and applied and no matter the decision of the Court.

The European Court had also condemned Russia following the refusal of the government to grant the right to organize Gay Prides but the government didn't change anything and even increased the arrests.


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