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Russia warned its citizens not to be too homophobic during their travels abroad

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Russia has told its citizens not to be too homophobic during their trip abroad.

Russia Foreign Ministry advises Russian citizens who wish to take a holiday outside the country to refrain from any homophobic behavior.

It tells them that "people of non-traditional sexual orientations" are in Europe and in America so it recommends:

  • To pay close attention in Canada because "there is a serious fixation on sexual equality" so no homophobic jokes. "In addition to public condemnation, in urban areas with many sexual minorities) particularly Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal) there is a risk of punishment in the form of fines or being charged with 'hate crimes'."
  • In France, they "will not to speak or act abusively to members of the LGBT community."
  • In Spain, they will have to refrain from "publicly expressing negative attitudes towards persons with different sexual orientation" because this would not be understood.
  • In Denmark and in Austria they should not make offensive remarks to local gay people.

I have a thought for the LGBT Russians because it is like they're saying "don't do what you do at home". Since the adoption of the LGBT "propaganda" law, LGBTphobia has increased in Russia.

The UK's Foreign Office has recently warned LGBT people about the dangers of traveling to Russia:

"In June 2013 a law banning the promotion of 'non-traditional sexual relations' entered into force, but the definition and scope of prohibited activity are vague. Foreign nationals convicted under this law could face arrest and detention, fines and deportation.

"There have been reports that instances of harassment, threats, and acts of violence towards the LGBT community have increased following the introduction of the law."

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