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Friday, 29 June 2012 00:17

Scots' Decision On Gay Marriage Expected

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In two weeks, the Scottish government will decide the legalization of gay marriage or not.

A consultation had been organized asking people to give their opinion on marriage equality. A Government spokeswoman said: "With 77,000 responses in total there has been some further work necessary, so the consultation will be discussed at cabinet in two weeks' time."

When it launched this consultation, the government said that it "tends towards the view" but then, many religious leaders showed they were publicly opposed to the legalization of gay marriage.

Recently, we learned that a majority of the members of parliament said they will support the bill.

According to STV, if the government decides to legislate to introduce same-sex marriage, there would be a further consultation on a draft Bill. A finalised Bill could then be introduced into the Scottish Parliament in 2013.


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