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Friday, 25 March 2016 00:37

Slovenia: The Couples In A Civil Union Will Perhaps Have The Same Rights As Married Couples

Written by 

Miroslav Cerar



In Slovenia, despite the rejection of marriage equality in a referendum, the government will support a bill to increase the rights of partners in civil union.

Slovenia adopted civil unions in 2005 that did not provide, until now, the same rights as married couples, but this may be about to change.

Prime Minister Miroslav Cerar (pictured) supports this bill that aims to give the same rights as married couples to couples in a civil union except with regard to adoption and access to insemination.

The bill introduced by Jani Moderndorfer hopes to fill this gap in equality between married and couples in civil unions until parliament passes a law allowing marriage equality.

Note that we do not really know the point of view of Slovenes on the issue of equal marriage. Although they rejected by referendum, we must know that only a little bit more than 20% of voters turned out to vote.


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