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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 17:52

Spain: San Fernando de Cádiz installed same-sex pedestrian traffic lights

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same sex traffic lights


San Fernando de Cádiz, a city in southern Spain, has just installed same-sex traffic lights at its pedestrian crossings.

After Vienna, Linz, and Salzburg in Austria, London, and Utrecht in the Netherlands, it is San Fernando de Cádiz's turn to show its support for equality by installing these same-sex pedestrian traffic lights, which are still so cute.

The desire to "standardize the fact that there are different kinds of couples among the residents" motivated this move of the municipality as San Fernando de Cádiz municipal councilor Ana Lorenzo told El País.

These ten traffic lights sometimes show a couple of men, sometimes a couple of women. They were installed on very busy streets for greatest visibility.

San Fernando de Cádiz thus becomes the first city in Spain to offer LGBT traffic lights to pedestrians.


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