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Wednesday, 20 December 2017 22:21

St Helena legalized marriage equality!

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St Helena’s legislative council has approved marriage equality. It means that the first same-sex weddings could take place in a few weeks.

The smallest island in the world legalized marriage for same-sex couples by a 9-2 vote.

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"We are dealing with people's lives and emotions," Honourable Kylie Hercules, who supports the Marriage Bill, told St Helena Online.

And the Honourable Christine Scipio-o'Dean added: "We cannot discriminate. We must not, and we must strive to ensure equality."

In 2016, the legislative council rejected a similar bill.

What is good is that even opponents respect the vote. For example, MP Cyril Leo said that even if he's against marriage equality, he respects the majority's decision and doesn't want the courts to ban marriage for LGBT couples in St. Helena.

Finally, be aware that the bill respects religious beliefs. It does not compel ministers to marry same-sex couples. Weddings may also not take place outside places of worship.

Photo from Facebook/St Helena's Government


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