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Monday, 28 January 2013 23:12

Supporters To Marriage Equality And Adoption Rallied In France

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Sunday, supporters to marriage equality rallied in the streets of Paris, a few weeks after opponents.

At least 125.000 people showed their support towards the laws for marriage equality and adoption which will be introduced to the Parliament Tuesday. Many celebrities and politicians were also in Paris' streets like footballer Lilian Thuram, ex-minister UMP Roselyne Bachelot, minister of housing Cécile Duflot,…


Some people will say supporters were less than the 300.000 opponents who had rallied two weeks ago, others will say there were the double of the previous rally organized to show a support. It should be known that the financial means are not the same at all between supporters and opponents. But people who couldn't come to Paris also showed their support during the previous days. Other demonstrations in other big cities of France have took place to show that we need equality in France.


Opponents, who, since the beginning, ask for a referendum, met President Holland on this subject a few days ago but the President, once again, said there will be no referendum.


A few weeks ago, some polls showed a support in fall (55%) in France but today, a poll by Ifop shows a support which goes back to 63% for marriage equality and 49% for adoption!


A big thank you to Canadians and Argentinians who have showed their support to the french LGBTQ community while ralling in the streets. Canada and Argentina are both countries which passed marriage equality and wished to show that their societies had not been changed by these laws at all.


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