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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 18:15

Switzerland Wants To Stop Homophobia in School

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Since last month, 2 states of Switzerland: Vaud and Geneva fight against homophobia in school.

In 2000, a report showed that 1/4 young gays tried to commit suicide in Switzerland. As the situation didn't really changed, the DIP (Geneva Department of the Public Education, the Culture and the Sport) and the DFJC (Education, Youth and Culture Department of Vaud) decided to appoint Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud as the responsible of homophobia and diversity questions.

Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud, author of Homosexual Teenagers and also president of Mosaic-info will try to show the reality of gay and lesbian youth in school and informed about homophobia.

A manual with a CD called Homosexual teenagers: from prejudices to acceptance has been already distributed in the schools of Vaud.

"The book has been distributed in the schools there are 2 weeks. Since we are visible, we receive positive feedbacks, especially from youth, who don't hesitate to contact us by internetinternet." reports Elisabeth Thorens-Gaud.

A poster campaign is also planned.



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