Tuesday, 16 May 2017 16:27

The church of Ireland rejects opening to LGBTQ people

Written by  E-Li



During a large gathering, the Church of Ireland made the decision not to recognize same-sex relationships.

Indeed, members of the church in Ireland rejected the proposal to recognize LGBT relations by a 176-146 vote.

"Advances in civic society in recent years have seen LGBT people achieve many rights and legal protections, but many lesbian and gay people continue feel gravely hurt by the Church," Leo Kilroy, who drafted the motion, said.

We could have thought of an opening of the church. The Republic of Ireland had approved the equal marriage by referendum, many other advances had been made last year, and this motion did not ask the Church of Ireland to allow marriage between same-sex people. It simply asked the church to open its doors to everyone.

What has weighed in the decision of the rejection are the votes of the members from Northern Ireland.

Ireland is indeed divided into two countries with different laws. On the one hand, the Republic of Ireland is more open about LGBT rights but Northern Ireland has not legalized marriages equality yet despite the many attempts that still confront the Conservative government.