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Thursday, 01 June 2017 22:53

The Church of Scotland will celebrate same-sex marriages

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church of scotland


The Church of Scotland is about to open its doors to same-sex wedding ceremonies.

A few days ago the principal leaders of the Church of Scotland met in a large assembly to decide whether the church would allow its ministers or not to celebrate same-sex unions.

The main representatives of the Church of Scotland accepted the conclusions of a report calling for the non-discrimination of LGBT people.

Some members nevertheless wished that the ministers should be free to refuse to perform same-sex marriages, a decision accepted by the assembly.

Scotland has allowed marriage equality in 2014 but so far the church in Scotland was reluctant to open to same-sex couples.

We are pleased with this decision, which contrasts with the decision recently taken by the Church of Ireland to go against marriage equality.

The assembly will now work on a detailed plan to establish this opening.


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