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Monday, 19 October 2015 16:48

The FELGBT Launches #ConLaVozBienAlta Campaign That Mobilizes The Spanish Population Against Discrimination

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To fight against discrimination and insults that can undergo LGBT people, the National Federation for LGBT people (FELGBT), which groups 40 LGBT associations, launched the #ConLaVozBienAlta#ConLaVozBienAlta campaign to know how people were reacting against homophobia suffered by a gay couple.

To do so, a couple of men, posing as American tourists, ask people they meet in the street to help them understand a message left for them by the owners of a hostel. This message obviously contains a lot of homophobic language.

See their reactions of people who remain speechless facing such remarks (English subtitles available):

Spain remains classified as the most LGBT-friendly country in the world according to a ranking by Pew Research. Despite this, 37% of Spanish LGBT people feel persecuted or discriminated, and 57% are insulted.

If you are victims of such acts based on sexual orientation or gender identity, please contact the FELGBT here:


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