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Friday, 19 August 2016 22:41

The First Appointment Of An Openly Lesbian Minister Was The Surprise In Serbia

Written by 

Ana Brnabic


The Serbian government has just appointed six new ministers, including Anna Brnabic who is openly lesbian and who thus mark the history of the Balkan country by becoming the first openly gay minister in the government.

After her appointment, she told reporters that she did not wish to be regarded only as the gay minister, but as the minister of public administration and local government.

His appointment brings hope to all of the LGBT community in Serbia.

We remember those involved in the Pride parade last few years who had experienced violence from nationalist and radicals. This parade was canceled for three years for safety risks.

Serbia should follow the advice of the European Union and improve the integration of all its citizens, including LGBTQ people, because Serbia wants to join the European Union.

In all cases, the Serbian prime minister keeps his promise he made to his people to create a government that will be effective and will work for the good of the country.

He said in a press conference about Brnabic's sexual orientation that the most important for him was the way people work.


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