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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 16:43

The First Openly Gay Mayor Was Elected In Poland

Written by 

Robert Biedron



Robert Biedron became the first openly gay mayor of Poland!

In 2011, already Biedron became the first openly gay MP in the Polish Parliament.

"I see how fast Polish society has learned its lesson of tolerance," Biedron told The Associated Press in an interview two days before he was elected to be mayor of Slupsk. "So I am very optimistic and happy with Polish society ? and proud."

Other candidates have tried their luck everywhere in Poland this year. They didn't win but not because they are gay or lesbians. As reported The Associated Press, their poor showing can be attributed largely to the fact that they were mostly young first -time candidates with left wing parties, which saw little support.

"These people have enormous courage, in my opinion," said Mariusz Kurc, editor of a Polish gay advocacy magazine, Replika.

Since the early 2000s, Poland has made progress. People are increasingly proud, openly say they are LGBT, and thus acquires the respect they deserve.

The AP also reports that Biedron attended a local soccer match during the campaign and was heckled with homophobic slurs. After the first round, he was by chance approached by one of the men who shouted the insults.

"He said, 'of eight candidates you were the only one we didn't expect, but you were the only one who came to our game. You have courage, so we voted for you,'" Biedron recalled.


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