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Friday, 28 April 2017 16:32

The French presidential election will see Emmanuel Macron oppose Marine Le Pen from with completely different views on LGBT rights

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Last Sunday was the first round of the French presidential elections and it is the candidate of the movement En Marche! (in route), Emmanuel Macron, who led with 24.01% against Marine Le Pen, the far-right candidate, who gets 21.30% of the votes.

The first stage in France is thus crossed. The victory of Emmanuel Macron would represent a great victory in Europe in front of what is happening in Eastern Europe where the LGBTphobia keeps growing. He has always supported LGBT rights even though he has sometimes lacked a frank position. He had recently apologized by promising to be an advocate for LGBT rights.

Facing him, Marine Le Pen promised to suppress marriage and adoption for same-sex couples. The far right candidate opposes any LGBT rights.

The polls were not mistaken for the first round, it is hoped that they will not go wrong for the second. They announce the victory of Emmanuel Macron with 60.5% of the votes. Most other candidates and politicians have called for voting for Macron or at least to oppose the far right candidate.

We hope that the French will make the right decision for their country. The recent years have been very difficult with the attacks of Paris, Nice and recently the attack on the Champs Elysees which cost the life of a gay policeman, not to mention the economic difficulties. But the first signs of recovery are there, all that is missing is a good government. Result in two weeks.

Note that Barack Obama has supported Macron. A few days ago the former president of the United States has indeed called the French candidate to support him.


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