Friday, 23 September 2011 21:30

The Italian Outting List Was Published

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He did it! The Italian blogger who threatened to out the deputies who, in spite of their sexuality, voted against a law supposed to fight against homophobia, outted them.

Thank you to Gagiulia, which as of this morning, passed information on Lezbelib, 10 political personalities had their name to post on the blog.

This approach however is not accepted by all the LGBT community.

The President of Arcigay, the Italian main association which defend the LGBT rights, had said "a contemptible operation" and "a miserable bunch of pieces of gossip".

Only some rare personalities, like the openly lesbian deputy, Paola Concia, had found mitigating circumstances with this kind of "extreme" methods, without approving them for as much.

From now on, it does not remain any more that the evidences because, currently, one does have names but nothing proves that is true.

"There is no proof, no demonstration of homophobia (from the listed people), no file, no source verifiable or checked" said Arcigay.

The deputies listed as for them laugh about it, more or less.

Remain to know now if the group will continue to out because it still hold a hundred names.

I don't support outting to just out people but, if you are a gay deputy and you vote against a law to fight against homophia, that's not forgivable!