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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 17:57

The LS Café Urged To Close

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In a city of France called Bordeaux, the directors of the café LS encounter problems with the owner of the place.

They rent the place but the owner would like they go away.

Four years ago, Laurence and Sophie bought a commercial place in Bègles, beside Bordeaux. Two weeks after, the owner of the place objected but unfortunately for her, it was too late because Laurence and Sophie had already signed the lease in front of the court.

The Café LS opened to become the only lesbian bar of the area and has a great success having sometimes 400 lesbians during parties! But even if all functions with the customers, Laurence and Sophie are always in conflict with the owner of the place.

The first seven lawsuits were gained by Laurence and Sophie but the eighth (yes 8 lawsuits!) was lost in appeal last September.
They must close the café, except that them did not receive any allowances whereas normally they should have some.

The lesbians living in the area ask all the same question, calling the Café LS regularly: “Will you close? And if you close, where would I go? ”.

There is in Biarritz another bar but it is mixed and you must drive 205 kms to go there (127 miles).

On the Facebook page of the LS, Laurence and Sophie wrote: “the LS will remain open until one puts to us outside”.

The lease relates to the bar but also a housing. Which means that if they out of the place, they do not have any other place where to go. Fortunately, it is the winter in France and there is a law called the winter truce from November 1st to March 15th and during this period, nobody can be put out of a living place.

Laurence and Sophie seek already another place in Bègles or near and even if they must spend a few months closed to build it: “We will be stronger! ”



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