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Tuesday, 07 December 2010 18:42

The New Constitution of Hungary Won't Allow Marriage Equality

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The gay and lesbians worried in Hungary. The Constituion could be changed banning a possibility of marriage equality.

Last week, the conservative government presented the new Constitution in which the marriage law is discribed as "the union between a man and a woman". The goal of this project is actually to block a possible marriage equality law and even in the future if the government is not conservative anymore.

"We believe that the Constitution should bring fundamental rights like the right of equality for everyone. This proposition does not respect this right for LGBTQ people. If this Constitution passed, LGBT people will feel like a minority class" published Magyar LMBT Szövetség, association of homosexual defense.

The Hungary, who will take the presidence of the Europa from January to June 2011, decided to change its Constitution: no marriage for same-sex couples, no right of abortion, more christendom.

Domestic partnership is possible for gay and lesbian couples since the July 1st 2009 but they don't have the right to have a baby and to change their names.



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