Thursday, 04 February 2016 01:01

The Protestant Church Of Germany Recognizes And Accepts Same-Sex Unions

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Great news in Germany, where the Protestant Church, the second largest denomination in the country, approved the equal marriage and its official registration.

The denomination voted "with a very large majority" to recognize "the equality of homosexual and heterosexual couples," said Rheinische Evangelische Kirche in a press release.

Thus German Protestants LGBTQ couples will now be recognized by their church, but in addition, they could have a wedding ceremony if the priest accepts to perform it. Indeed, the Church gives free choice to priests to accept or to refuse to do so.

This decision recalls the one taken by the Protestant church in France last year, which granted the same recognition.

As often, the government is about the only one which continues to oppose marriage equality, since it still refuses to legalize it.