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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 17:46

The Rome Court Of Appeals Grants Adoption By A Second Parent

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The Rome Court of Appeals has authorized the adoption of a daughter by her second mom.

Living in Rome for twelve years, the couple was married and had conceived their daughter by insemination abroad because it is not legal in Italy. Also, for lack of law, the second mother was not previously recognized.

Engaged in a legal battle to obtain this recognition, the couple had quickly been successful since a court had allowed the adoption in August 2014. Their case was then brought before the court of appeals which has thus upheld the first decision a few days ago and which today enables the whole family to be recognized as it should. A nice Christmas gift that the couple immediately welcomed. They hoped to open a door for other families.

"We trust this ruling will serve as a useful precedent to ensure justice to so many other children, their mothers and fathers, who are in the same situation," said the two mothers.

In July, the European Court had condemned Italy for its lack of legal recognition and protection for same-sex couples.

Italy will also soon look into a civil union law that will include adoption by same-sex couples and which is supported by the government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.


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