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Thursday, 03 March 2016 01:42

The Rome Family Court Allowed Two Lesbian Moms To Adopt

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The other day I shared with you the good news from Italy, where the Senate approved the civil unions bill, a first recognition of LGBT couples, and I mentioned the fact that the adoption, which was part of the original bill, had been simply erased, but still remained an option for accessing some recognition of adoption through the courts.

Obviously, it's still a far option from what we want, that is to say, an adoption law for full recognition and equality of all Italian couples. Now, in comparison to other countries where there is an official ban on adoption by same-sex couples, in Italy, there is no official ban and therefore it allows for couples to try to get this recognition through court.

The Rome family court has decided to recognize two lesbians as mothers by allowing each to adopt the child of the other.

Since 2014, the same court allowed 15 families with LGBT parents to be officially recognized.

But the law on adoption has not disappeared. The Italian Democratic Party is planning to introduce a bill that would give the right to adoption for same-sex couples and also to unmarried couple and single people.

Let's hope now that this bill won't be locked for years and let's also hope that the decision of the Rome family court inspires other courts to do the same all over Italy.


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