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Thursday, 03 March 2016 00:47

The Swiss Say NO To Attempts To Ban Marriage Equality In The Constitution

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Great news in Switzerland, where voters rejected a referendum initiative that would have banned the equal marriage in the constitution.

The results were very tight: 50.8% of the Swiss have decided to reject this initiative against 49.2% who supported the bill introduced by the Christian Democratic People’s Party.

Recently, I wrote about this referendum appeared to be a referendum on fiscal policy, as this initiative would have supposedly erase tax payment inequalities for married couples, but there was a small addition in the law which suddenly changed the text of an article of the constitution and prohibited, thereby, marriage equality.

Fortunately, the Swiss were not fooled and voted "NO".

“This initiative was anti-LGBTI sentiment masquerading as tax reform and the Swiss public saw through the proposal and said they didn’t want to be part of it,” said Joyce Hamilton of ILGA-Europe.

All the work done by a coalition of LGBT groups, which went to meet the Swiss in order to explain the bill, has eliminated a big attempt at discrimination.

Since 2007, same-sex partnerships are officially recognized and there are even anti-discrimination laws, even if, it is true, there is still no equal marriage in Switzerland. 


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