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Wednesday, 13 July 2016 22:48

The United Reformed Church In The UK Now Allows Same-Sex Weddings

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United reformed church



The United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom will allow same-sex weddings thus becoming the largest Christian denomination to do so.

It is almost unanimously, since it has got 240 votes for and only 21 against, that the United Reformed Church of UK has opened its doors to same-sex couples and agreed to perform their wedding this fall.

We have seen in recent months that they had more and more churches that allowed same-sex weddings in particular in the UK.

Only the Church of England still opposes it and the Vatican had abandoned last year the proposal "to reach out" during one of its meetings to discuss the Christian church policy. There are also chances that this proposal is not even discussed again this year.

In addition, we recently heard that the Vatican quietly fund a "gay therapy" clinic for priests who are homosexual; and in addition, Pope Francis suggested that same-sex unions were only "passing fads".

So we welcome the openness of the United Reformed Church.


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