Tuesday, 02 June 2015 16:53

Three Russian LGBT Activists Arrested And Beaten As They Tried To Hold A Gay Pride In Moscow

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Last month, the City of St. Petersburg had allowed the LGBT community to march in the streets during the workers' day. Unfortunately, this has not been the case this weekend in Moscow since many LGBT activists not only were physically abused but three of them have been arrested.

This year, the Moscow LGBT activists have tried to make their voices heard trying to organize a Gay Pride despite the ban.

First assaulted by Orthodox activists before being arrested and apparently beaten by the police, three militants were convicted, without being able to defend themselves, to 10 days in jail.

«The trial was a farce!!!», Nikolai Alexeyev, leader of the fight for LGBT rights in Russia, tweeted.

Since the anti «gay propaganda» law was adopted, no further public protest is permitted for the LGBT community, but it's been almost 10 years that the municipality of Moscow refuses to organize a Gay Pride.

Photo by AFP