Friday, 25 October 2013 15:30

UK Supreme Court Rejected Appeal Over Adoption By Same-Sex Couples

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A few weeks ago, Edwin Poots, Minister for Health in Northern Ireland, was opposed to the decision of a Court of Appeal which would allow adoption by same-sex couples. As expected, the case was submitted to the UK's Supreme court which refused the Minister's request.

In Northern Ireland, contrary to Great Britain, same-sex couples, and even those in civil union, cannot adopt. In fact, only a single person will be able to do it.

A lesbian woman in couple and registered in a civil union decided to challenge this law. Initially, the Commission refused her request but the matter was brought to the Court of Appeal in Belfast which ruled in its favour in June.

Poots then tried to repeal this decision but victory, the Supreme Court did not share his opinion, the decision of the Belfast's Court of Appeal thus stays valid and will allow the change of the law.

Remains to be seen whether the law can be immediately modified. Does it remain stages before the modification and so when will the change come into force allowing same-sex couples to be able to jointly adopt?