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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 23:26

UKIP Could Change Its LGBT Policy

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diane james


A change could begin within the UK Independence Party (UKIP) since frontrunner Diane James announced that neither the equal marriage or other LGBT issues were a problem.

UKIP was until now an anti-LGBT party with its opposition to marriage between same-sex couples but also with many homophobe scandals.

Nigel Farage, the current leader of UKIP, will soon be replaced and the favorite candidate for the moment it's Diane James, who said that there was "no problem at all" with the equal marriage as "it is now enshrined in UK legislation."

She also said to want to eliminate homophobia strengthening the choice of candidates, including "proper process, systems and preparation" as UKIP had the tendency to have openly anti-LGBT people to stand as UKIP candidates.

She even added to support the inclusion of LGBT policies in the party's manifesto which would be a first.

She said she would "ensure that the right balance is achieved in our next GE manifesto re content, slant and statements on aspects that our opposition will select to continue to use to reinforce [the view UKIP is homophobic]."

About rights for trans* people, she supports "full and lawful recognition."

We will see, if she is elected, if they are empty words or if it is a real willingness to change her party because James has already voted against LGBT measures in the European Parliament without any problems.

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