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Wednesday, 03 June 2015 16:46

United Kingdom: The Debate On Equal Marriage Begins In Guernsey And Will Start Soon In Jersey

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Back in the UK, where Jersey and Guernsey would love to also legalize equal marriage.

Jersey and Guernsey are two islands that are part of the UK, but which are independent and therefore not subject to British law. So the LGBT community has to also fight for the right to marry.

The LGBT group «Liberate» has launched the «Civil Union» campaign to push marriage equality. Liberate said on its websitewebsite that they are fighting for the equal marriage and not a civil partnership.

In Guernsey, equal marriage and adoption are prohibited, civil unions are also not permitted, but the debate will begin this fall in Guernsey.

It is not better in Jersey, where normally a bill should be introduced by 2017.

«Matters such as sexuality and religion should not be the concern of government, however we do have to protect human rights.

«Guernsey needs to modernise its legislation so that all couples, whether same sex or opposite sex, religious or not, can have their relationship legally recognised by the state,» said Guernsey’s Chief Minister Jonathan Le Tocq.

Photos from tlm-magazine (Jersey) and by Fraser Hall/Getty Images (Guernsey)


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