Friday, 25 March 2016 00:36

Utrecht Has Installed Same-Sex Traffic Lights

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In these very sad times, we refer of course to our Belgian and Turkish friends, I wanted to find a little news a little more fun. Two weeks ago, I wrote about the pink plane called TF-GAY, well today I'll talk about a Dutch city which has decided to install traffic lights with same-sex couples.

Indeed, the city council of Utrecht decided to install traffic lights with couples of men and women in two pedestrian crossings. This is not the first city to take this step because already many cities in Austria have installed the same system.

The city has indicated a desire to show that they accept all forms of sexuality and also hope it could change some attitudes.

"They show Utrecht is a many-sided city," said Councilman Kees Geldorf.

"And they do give cause for reflection while you are waiting for the lights to change."

A few years ago, Utrecht was already demarcated by becoming the first city of the Netherlands to paint a rainbow pedestrian crossing.

Personally, I love this idea! I would like there to be more same-sex traffic lights. Are not they super cute with their little heart?