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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 01:18

What's Going On For The LGBTQ Community Of Crimea?

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Every day, when one watch the news on television, we hear about the extremely alarming situation in Ukraine. Crimea was annexed by Russia but nobody talked about the Crimean LGBT people who, at once, passed under the Russian laws?

Yelena, an openly gay teacher in Crimea who is raising four children with her partner, fears she could lose her family and her job now that her home has been taken over by Russia, AFP reports

"There are serious concerns that children can be taken away, and there could be problems at work," Yelena told AFP.

In Crimea, it is not authorized any more to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The adoption is not possible any more, to kiss or to show you are LGBTQ people can be immediately sanctioned by the anti "gay propaganda" law.

There was certainly no law in Ukraine identifying the same-sex unions but to be LGBT was not illegal.

During still how long will the few gay bars and the resort town of Simeiz, a summertime playground for Ukrainian LGBTQ people, remain open?

Already, some LGBT people think of leaving, not wanting to stay in Russia under these laws which prevent them from living.

Yelena and her wife are part of these people but the worst in all that, it is that they are not Ukrainian any more but Russian and that they must obtain a refugee status and that's not easy.

Also the sales of properties are currently putting on ice so they are condemned to wait.

"Every day we are pulled hither and thither," she said. "Should we leave or should we stay?"


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