Wednesday, 01 October 2014 22:29

While Political Leaders Oppose On A Possible Repeal Of The Equal Marriage Law, 73% Of French Want To Keep It

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A new poll shows that UMP activists do not share all the same opinion that their political leaders.

Indeed, there are three leaders who will oppose in the primary of the French political party UMP.

François Fillon, firmly opposed to equal marriage and considering same-sex couples as dangerous for children, has already warned that he wanted to repeal the law.

Alain Juppe, meanwhile, is still very evasive about it.

Finally, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France, just return to politics after his defeat in the presidential election of 2012, considers the marriage equality as humiliating for families. If this time he is reelected, because another poll shows that 64% of French people don't care he is back and because he is still facing several legal investigations, he will not repeal the law as it is not a priority.

And UMP activists in all this? And the French?

  Oxoda asked them the following question: "If UMP wins the presidential elections in 2017, would you like it removes the law on equal marriage?"

The answer was NO.

It was mentioned during the introduction of the law to a vote that 60% of the French supported the law of equal marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. The law now harvests 73% support!

As for the UMP activists, they are 56% who do not want it removed.

26% of French people want a repeal, 44% UMPs. And 1% do not know.

Finally, we will rejoice in the view of the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy. The former model and singer Carla Bruni said in an interview with French Vogue, she does not share the opinion of her husband on the subject.

I'm rather in favour because I have a lot of friends - men and women - who are in this situation and I see nothing unstable or perverse in families with gay parents, she has said.