Friday, 30 September 2011 16:01

Will Belgrade Gay Pride Take Place?

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The Gay Pride of Belgrade had been authorized but the doubt is still present a few days before it takes place.

The Serbian authorities could ban the Gay Pride, which should take place Sunday, because of strong threats of extremist groups which could lead to violences towards the LGBT community.

Interior minister Ivica Dacic said that the event is an important risk of safety for the public, the police and the property.

He told Reuters:

"If I were the organisers I would recognise our security assessment and I would postpone the parade. If they do not make such a decision, the police will be forced to do so, as no one else will."

During the Gay Pride of 2010, 100 people had been wounded (mostly police officers).

Goran Miletic, the organiser, said the authorities should not give in to threats of violence:

"Violence is not normal. What is normal in a democratic country is to have people rallying peacefully for a couple of hours."