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Friday, 19 November 2010 23:19

Will France Legalize Marriage Equality Soon?

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In France, the same-sex marriage law could finally change. The Constitutional Council shall study the case.

It all started last August when a French couple wanted to marry knowing that gay marriage is prohibited in France. They decided to go to court with this question: "Is the gay marriage ban legal?”

The court of Reims felt unable to answer the question and asked another court, the Court of Cassation, which is the highest court in France that supports commercial, criminal, civil and social causes.

The question now is the Constitutional Council, which supports the laws in France and have a lot of authority on French institutions.

In about three months, there will be a public meeting to decide whether the ban is legal or not. The Court considered the question seriously.

In Europe, eight countries have already legalized marriage equality: the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, the island of Great Britain.


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