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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:52

2012 London Dyke March

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dyke march


Don't miss the London Dyke March, a Gay Pride 100% lesbian.

dyke march bannerThe Dyke Marches are not a new phenomenon, they take place every year in United States. The first Lesbian Pride has took place in 1993 in Washington and that was amazing because everyone expected to see only about 1.000 women and there were 20.000 ladies. Generally, Dyke Marches take place a day before Gay Prides.

The Dyke March of London will take place on March 31st in the city center. London didn't organized a Dyke March since 1992!

The purpose of a Dyke March is to increase lesbian visibility and activism and they have grown to be more inclusive of all women-loving-women regardless of labels as well as bisexuals, intersex and transgender persons.


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