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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 12:00

Afghanistan Celebrated Gay Pride Accidentally

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In Afghanistan, do the things change ? Rainbow flags was never also numerous, but is this truly a celebration of LGBTQ pride?

In the streets of Kabul and in cars, LGBTQ colors streamed in the wind. But actually here, and a journalist of The Guardian interviewed people, in particular cars' drivers, to confirm, stickers do not represent the LGBTQ pride:

"The rainbow stickers had first arrived on secondhand cars imported from Canada. Afghans had simply assumed that the colour combination was the latest fashion fad in the west, and duly adopted it."

And a few days after the article of the journalist was published, the stickers disappeared.

"One commentator even expressed the hope that the embarrassing incident would serve as cautionary tale, warning Afghans against their tendency to blindly follow fashions imported from elsewhere."



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