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Friday, 01 July 2011 16:12

Cuba Celebrated Its First Gay Pride

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The first Gay Pride in Cuba has took place. There were just a few participants for this first year.

"We do not claim anything, we do nothing but celebrate the fact that Cuba voted in the United Nations in favor of a recognition of the LGBT rights", said Ignacio Estrada, one of the leaders of the cuban Observatory of LGBT rights.

"Mariela Castro was invited, but the authorities lost an occasion to show in the street that what they say is true, that our rights are respected, that they do not have anything against other organizations like ours", added Leannes Imbert, director of the Observatory who organized this Gay Pride.
Actually, even if Mariela Castro said she supports LGBT rights, she decided to organize other events the same day. Maybe she wished to have all the publicity on her and not on LGBT groups.

But there are more and more groups in Cuba to fight for LGBT rights and they should receive besides 300,000 dollars by the American State Department to help the LGBT cuban community.



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