Monday, 18 July 2016 23:31

During The Weekend, Paris Hosted Its First Edition Of The Black Pride

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During the weekend was held the first edition of the Paris Black Pride, an event organized to reflect on the lives of black LGBT people in France.

This Paris Black Pride is the idea of ​​James Davies, a US diplomat who lived with his husband in Paris for five years and was discovered just that, unlike other cities in the world, there was no Black Pride associations so they decided to launch this movement by pairing with the UK Black Pride which already exists for 11 years.

Davies said that in no case they seek to withdraw into themselves or to move away from the general LGBT movement, but seeks to bring visibility to those who are victims of homophobia but also racism in employment and housing.

This event consisted of both a cultural part with many artists such as painters, photographers or slammers; and then a discussion part around the simple subject: "Today what is to be black and LGBT in France?" with representatives of associations like Afrique Arc-En-Ciel (rainbow Africa) or of the UK Black Pride.

Finally, this first edition was dedicated to two LGBT icons, namely Josephine Baker and James Baldwin. Baldwin was a gay black author who notably worked for civil rights and gay rights in the literary world.

Josephine Baker was the first black dancer in the world. After the First World War, after all these years of horror, people needed to be free and they met in Paris. Many artists met there with Josephine Baker, who became the first lesbian or bisexual black professional dancer. She also worked for black rights with Martin Luther King.

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