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Friday, 18 February 2011 05:03

Gay Whistler

Written by  ElleGrrrl


No, this isn’t about the Bob Sinclair and Steve Edwards song whose “whistle” blows loud in gay clubs across the world…it’s about an epic event I wish I knew about sooner: the annual Gay & Lesbian Ski & Snowboard Festival - GayWhistler's WinterPRIDE!

It happened January 30-February 6, 2011, and I’m already looking forward to the 2012 date February 5 - 12, 2012.

But since this isn’t an article about what would be or could be, and what was, I shall inform you of the awesomeness that occurred this year, and hopefully spur you to book your tix and get down in the snow in ways you never knew you could!

Of course there is plenty of snowboarding and skiing going around: but for those who haven’t really tried the sport before, everyday there are ski/snowboard guides that tour groups of similar ability people around the mountains: allowing you to learn the ropes in a friendly environment. I know I'm usually the ditz in the back falling over while everyone else shoots snow in my face: so knowing I could be with a group of sport-handicapped individuals...that are gay...I am ALL about it!

And for those of us who don’t really dig the whole, “Yea I went to Whistler and fell on my ass the whole 7 days!” thing, we’re lucky it’s GAY whistler: cuz, gurl, you know there are parties everyday! Not just your typical ragers, but Monday Martini Mixers, a Southern Comfort Gender Bender Party, Comedy nights, Culinary programs, and Dine Around’s every night! There’s even a Fetish Fair, beer tour, AND a wine tour!

The GayWhistler activity I think has got to be the BEST one outside of your own room: you can let a dog team lead you through the old growth forest of the Callaghan Valley; learning how to harness and stage the dogs!

It’s a great mix of men, women, and everyone in between.  With separate events on certain nights for when we really want a ladies night or a boys night; and plenty of activities to bring all the gay worlds together! You can work out on the slopes all day, go back to your room for some hot tub action or hit up the lodge spa for a massage, then go out that night! Or… watch your friends hit the slopes while you enjoy Snowday Funday…EVERYDAY!

For details on Gay Whistler 2012 go to


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