Thursday, 03 April 2014 16:42

Lesbian Festival 'OlaGirls' Cancelled Because Sitges Local Government 'Doesn't Want More Gay Events'

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"WE DON´T WANT MORE GAY EVENTS", here what said the Sitges local government, in Spain, cancelling at the last minute the new lesbian festival "Olagirls".

In January 2013, the team of OlaGirls decided to launch a great project: to offer a splendid festival to the Mediterranean lesbians. The collaboration between the team of the festival and the administration of Stiges was good since the latter had authorized the event to be held the weekend from June 6th to June 8th, 2014.

The organizers of the festival had thus started to book the hotels but also the bands, DJs, celebrities, also inviting the media, whose Lezbelib, to take part in the event.

In December, still no problem for the Sitges' administration and the Tourism department which continued to support the event but, at a stretch, whereas the team was on the point of selling the tickets, an urgent meeting was requested and here the answer received by the team of OlaGirls, as they report in a press release: "… there are too many gay events in Sitges and there is no room for another one.

"Ignasi Garrigó, the Tourism & Beach Councilman, suggested that OlaGirls host the event the same weekend as Gay Pride, a date summarily declined the year before due to the fact that Gay Pride Sitges is aimed at and primarily attracts men, leaving little, if any room, for women."

The event had to be unfortunately cancelled. You easily imagine the consequences as regards image and at the financial level.

The team currently works to find a new city for "OlaGirls" in 2015 and we of course wish them to succeed. We will keep you updated.