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October 26: Intersex Awareness Day

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This October 26th we celebrate the Intersex Awareness Day, a way to fight against the society seeking to classify people into two or three categories.

Launched by intersex activists in 2004, the Intersex Awareness Day can highlight the problems faced by intersex people like, for example, the reassignment surgeries to follow the standard and to have one specific sex or gender.

Unlike LGBT people, it is still often difficult for an intersex person to come out, facing incomprehension and hostility.

Intersex people are, at present, regarded by the society as transgender people, which is totally false. So no law takes them into account. No law prevents sex or gender reassignment, no legal recognition, no anti-discrimination law. Nevertheless, groups like the Intersex Campaign for Equality are developing around the world to change attitudes.

You can find more information on this Intersex Awareness Day here: http://intersexday.org/en/