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Monday, 02 May 2011 15:01

Organizers Of The First Gay Pride In Montenegro Are Worried

Written by  E-Li



In Montenegro, the first Gay Pride will take place May 31st in Podgorica but organizers are worried.

Even if the Prime Minister Igor Luksic supports the Gay Pride ("in favor of the human rights rather than a specific walk in favor of homosexual people" as he said), the other members of the gouvernment are against it and the organizers worry to see violences.

Zdravko Cimbaljevic, person in charge of the first non-governmental organization in Montenegro especially dedicated to the defense of the LGBT rights, regrets a “lack a sufficient political support, which means that the safety of the walk will not be assured”.

“We are confronted to an enormous pressure and people who support us are less and less numerous”, he adds.

Montenegro is a very traditional country and sexual minorities prefer discretion, fearing to be victims of aggressions. They do not trust in addition the authorities to protect them. According to recent surveys, 70% of the population thinks homosexuality is a disease and 80% estimates that it is a private affair.


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