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Monday, 22 November 2010 16:29

Pandan Nordic Same-Sex Dance Competition Dec 30 - Dec 31, 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark

Written by  HeidiMichelle

Same sex ballroom dancing is different from ordinary ballroom because the dancers are not bound by their sex.

Either gender can both lead or be led in the dance whichever the couple prefers. Having the freedom to choose whether to dance "lord" or "lady" or maybe even both empowering same sex couples to allow for role changing while the dance is underway.

Pandan's overall goal is to offer dance classes in an atmosphere of tolerance.

The event offers instruction in waltz, tango, quickstep, Viennese waltz and slowfox, cha cha, rumba, jive, samba, paso doble, and salsa.

Pandan offers lessons on the following teams: beginners, intermediate and advanced rider, intermediate and experienced. The event also includes monthly café evenings, the whole day dancing, workshops, and the annual New Year’s Ball.

Pandan is a voluntary organization where all of the coaches, the steering committee, and other volunteers are unpaid.

On the first Sunday in September 1998, the beginning of the top-notch event met in Nørrebrogade. It was the first training night in Pandan led by Anders Koefoed, who in London had developed a taste for standard and latin dance. He believed that gays in Copenhagen could lure dancers. The event started with 18 couples, but the space was pretty tight. The first coach after some months was supplemented by Klaus Bundgaard, who is still involved. Due to the enthusiasm, the group acquired training time at DGI-city hall, where every team now trains on Sundays. Pandan has continued to grow every year since. ( On Sunday, 18th February 2007 in London, over 50 founding members of 8 European countries initiated the European Same-Sex Dance Association (ESSDA).

After more than ten years of same-sex ballroom dancing competitions, there is now an international umbrella organization for this discipline.

Since 1995 same-sex ballroom dancing has been a featured sport at EuroGames, Gay Games and World Outgames, and an increasing number of international competitions take place throughout Europe. The same-sex dance community (all male/all female couples, judges, trainers and competition organizers) recognizes that there is now a need for a European association. The aim of ESSDA is to encourage the promotion and development of competitive same-sex ballroom dancing. In the spirit of tolerance and inclusion, ESSDA intends to create structures of international communication and organization and ensure consistently high standards of competitions. In the ensuing months, the nine members of the board and the members of the association will work on basic structures for ESSDA. (


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