Thursday, 21 April 2011 12:03

Prison For People Who Attacked Belgrade's Gay Pride 2010

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Last year, there were a lot of troubles and 150 people were hurted during the Gay Pride of Belgrade. Mladen Obradovic and thirteen other people have just been condemned to 2 years of prison.

Thirteen people were condemned from ten months to two years of prison “to have since the beginning of October 2010 and until October 10th, 2010 planned to find a way to ban the Gay Pride in Belgrade having for goal to cause violence, hatred and intolerance” according to Judge Danko Lausevic.

Gej Strejt Alijansa (Gay Straight Alliance) said it was the first time that people are condemned because they "organized violences and discriminations” against the LGBT community in Serbia. But the group estimates these sorrows were “weak” and did not correspond “to the threats and aggressiveness” expressed during the Gay Pride.