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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 00:41

The first ever lesbian festival in Namibia

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first lesbian festival


The first ever lesbian festival was held in Namibia at Windhoek. More than 80 young LGBTQ women from across eight regions of the country came together for the first time. They talked about their lives, oppression or discrimination they experience every day.

The festival opened with a sharing of stories. Through dramatic performances at the Warehouse Theatre, these women exchanged their experiences. Then there was a photo exhibition and movies. The evening continued with a discussion on the feminist movement. The next day, women attended music, dance and poetry shows. The day ended with family and friends in a recreational park.


The Women's Leadership Centre organized this festival to develop a self-help movement.

In Namibia, the community faces a lot of intolerance, injustice, and violence from the police, doctors, churches, and families. LGBT people are sometimes isolated as rejected. This festival was an opportunity to meet and make everyone understand that they are not alone.

"Through creating a national lesbian cultural festival in the public arena in Namibia, we are creating a new social, cultural and political space for celebrating the richness and diversity of the lesbian experience from across our country," Florence Khaxas, a women's rights activist who volunteers at the Women's Leadership Centre, explained.

Beyond a festival, an LGBT network develops with two first missions: to help each other and to develop self-esteem and confidence in life. The goals are also to create a voice for the community and to launch projects.


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