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Monday, 09 June 2014 15:26

The Police Attacked LGBT People During A Rally In Paraguay

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LGBT rally Paraguay


At the time of an LGBT rally in Paraguay in support of a non-discrimination law, the things straightforwardly degenerated! The police literally took it out on the demonstrators, wounding about ten people!

Paraguay refused to support a bill which would have made it possible to protect the LGBT community against the discriminations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Worse, the government affirmed that homophobia does not exist in Paraguay!

But a few days later, the conservative senator Carlos Nuñez said during a Senate session to discuss on the non-discrimination law: “I love women, I like my wife and I hate gays”, adding that gay parenting “destroys the society”.

To show its dissatisfaction, the LGBT community of the country rallied. But it was not counting on the police and their bludgeons, as you can watch it with this video:

This video was saved from the destruction by the group SomosGay because the other recordings were destroyed by the police officers at the time of their attack.

To note that the group specifies that it will not give in and that it will continue to fight for freedom and equality because, beyond the fact that there will not exist protections against discriminations, it should be also known that the LGBTQ community of Paraguay does not have any right.


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