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Friday, 08 May 2015 16:41

The Russian LGBT Community Was Allowed To Take Part In The International Workers’ Day Parade In St. Petersburg

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Back in Russia, where we have learned with surprise and happiness that the LGBT community was allowed to march last weekend in the streets of St. Petersburg during the May Day parade despite the anti «gay propaganda» law in the country.

LGBT people are normally banned to march in public and to show signs of belonging to the community as rainbow flags, and yet the city of St. Petersburg authorized the LGBT community to be part of the parade celebrating the International Workers’ Day on May 1st.

Apparently more than 90,000 people attended the parade, including 600 LGBT people brandishing placards that said "no to discrimination" and no to homophobia.

Of course, there were opponents who tried to stop the march as Vitaly Milonov who tried to convince the police in charge of safety of demonstrators that this was a violation of the law of the country. His tactic did not work!

Photo credits: Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters


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