Thursday, 18 July 2013 18:22

Victory: The Baltic Gay Pride To Take Place In Vilnius on July 27

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Finally a victory in Eastern Europe! We were rather appalled these last weeks by the votes of anti-gay laws in Russia. One of these laws, in particular, bans public demonstrations organization like Gay Prides and, this year, despite a similar amendment in Lithuania, the Baltic Gay Pride could take place.


The Baltic Gay Pride is a big Gay Pride which gathers three countries: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.


Last year, it had took place in Riga, in Latvia, and this year, the idea was to organize it in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, but its city council banned it.


The organizers did not abandon and, helped by LGBT activist groups, filed a lawsuit and the court authorized the Gay Pride in Vilnius on July 27th.


The Lithuanian LGBT community will probably uses this event to show their Pride and to show Gay Prides are not dangerous for people because unfortunately, as I wrote, a threat hangs over them. Last May, the Parliament approved at first reading an amendment to the Code of Administrative Violations which would ban any public demonstration of our community or, like the amendment says, ban "the organisation of public events contravening public morality."