Thursday, 28 September 2017 23:47

California could recognize a third gender soon

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California could recognize a third gender soon.

The California legislature passed a bill to recognize a third non-binary gender. If signed, California would become the first US state to recognize this third gender.

On May 31, the Senate of California adopted the Gender Recognition Act, or Senate Bill 179, by a vote 26-12 vote. The Assembly of California approved it with a 21-57 vote.

After a brief return to the Senate and the House for the approval of certain amendments, the bill is now on the Governor's desk.

I hope he will sign it into law. This will allow:

  • The official recognition of non-binary people.
  • The "non-binary" option will appear on identity documents (identity card, birth certificate).
  • To change a gender without a doctor's statement or without the need to appear in person in court.
  • To simplify the process for minors seeking to change their gender on their birth certificates.

Governor Brown has until October 15 to sign or veto the bill.