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Thursday, 24 September 2015 17:13

El Paso Opens A Gender Identity Clinic!

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el paso



El Paso, Texas has opened a gender identity clinic, the first in Texas.

The Texas Tech University Health Services Center opened this clinic run by Dr. Hector Granados, a paediatric endocrinologist who works with transgender children and adults.

«We are in diapers when it comes to transgender care in the United States,» he said.

«Most of the information and what we know comes from the Netherlands where they have been taking care of transgender kids for almost three decades.»

This clinic allows to accompany trans* teens and their families through gender dysphoria or transition.

«Gender identity disorder was classified as a mental disorder, which I believe is incorrect because being transgender is as normal as being gay or lesbian or heterosexual,» Granados said.

«There is nothing wrong with being heterosexual, it’s just more common, just like there’s nothing wrong with being transgender, it’s just less common.»


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