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Wednesday, 20 July 2011 22:15

Exploring Gender: The T Letter

Written by  Cael



Most of what I have come to find out about being a transman, I have heard from my friends’ experiences. I am lucky enough to have several friends who have gone through or are going through the same transformation I am. It is good to have those guys to talk about the reality how things are instead of relying purely on the internet for information. The next step in my journey is to find a counselor who can provide my T letter.

A T letter is a document your therapist writes to your doctor, indicating—after at least a year of counseling and living as a man—you are mentally prepared and devoted to your transition and ready to begin taking testosterone (T). The requirements for time spent with a therapist can differ from state to state, so be sure of the guidelines for your state.

A T letter can be a somewhat hard document to obtain. Sometimes there are no qualified counselors in an area.From conversations with my friends, I know there is at least one counselor in the immediate area, and a few others in the surrounding area. To find counselors in your area, check LGBT resource centers in your city, connect with the trans community in your region, or check online. Leave checking online as a last resort. Being able to discuss any person you are going to be working with intimately on your transformation—such as a counselor or a doctor—with someone who has encountered that person before will allow you to find the best fit. This process is incredibly personal, and to share it with someone, there must be trust there. Having the reassurance of someone in the community that an individual is good at what they do and invested in making your change as stress-free as possible, will make it that much easier to trust that person with your transition.

I am working on being able to make a call to the counselor in my area to schedule my first appointment. Moving into a new apartment and my continuously changing schedule at work have left this part of my transformation lacking, but I will soon get back to you with all the details of my experience so you can know what to expect. In the interim, please send me any topics you would like me to discuss. I would love to address any questions.


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