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Thursday, 18 September 2014 20:59

Green Bay Area Public School District Is Now Protecting Students Against Bullying Based On Gender Identity

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Green Bay Area Public School District



The Green Bay Area Public School District in Wisconsin has banned bullying based on gender identity.

The school district care about LGBT students as after having adopted a policy of non-intimidation based on sexual orientation, now it also protects transgender students.

“There wasn’t a special rule for making fun of kids for gender expression, and we wanted it to be in black and white. If we have a rule, we can say, ‘This is a rule you are breaking’,” Elizabeth Wetzel Gracyalny, a social worker at East High School and the district’s LGBTQ coordinator, said.

But that's not all! The district plans to implement a gender neutral bathroom and improve the locker room. In addition, faculty and staff will be trained on LGBT issues.

The Green Bay Area Public School District is not the only district in Wisconsin to improve its policy to provide a safe space for LGBT students as recently the Janesville School District did the same.


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